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Granddaddy Purple Delta-8 Preroll & Flower

Granddaddy Purple Delta-8 Preroll & Flower

The purrfect strain for getting cozy.


Born of two US-origin strains Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grand Daddy Purple is considered one of the most legendary indica strains available. Indica (aka in-di-couch) strains are popular for their relaxation benefits.


Get lost in the deep purple hues and gradient of greens of each bud while inhaling the aromas of grape and berries. When ready to enjoy, release all cognitive tension & fantasize over the decluttering of your mind with every puff of thick smoke. Allow yourself to be at ease, your body void of discomfort as your mind wanders the pleasantries of meditation and carefree energy. 


Perfect for: daydreamers, stay-cations, and movie marathons 


  • Comes in 4 options: 1 single Preroll or 3 sizes of loose flower!

  • 2 grams per cone
  • Aroma: Complex blend of grapes and berry
  • Appearance: Deep purples and a gradient of greens
  • 33.1% Total Cannabinoids
  • 17.19% CBDA
  • ~150mg/g of Delta-8
  • Less than .3% Delta-9 THC




Delta-8 THC is another cannabinoid found in hemp. Check your local laws before purchasing. Delta-8 may trigger a positive drug test looking for marijuana. By purchasing this item, you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.


WARNING: Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery when taking this product. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. Turquoise Mountains is not responsible for the actions of individuals who take this product.

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