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Introducing our latest Grandpa's Stash strain creation, the Grandpa's Stash THCA Preroll. Despite its name, this isn't your grandpa's stash—it's a fresh addition to our lineup. Each preroll is crafted with care, containing beautifully frosted and vibrant buds that exude a nostalgic charm. With a THCA content of 25.94%, this hybrid strain is perfect for those moments when you crave relaxation. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or chilling with friends, Grandpa's Stash THCA Preroll is the ideal choice.


Due to the smokable hemp ban on prerolls in Texas, our prerolls are now produced and labeled under Turquoise Mnts Co, a partner company based in Oklahoma. Rest assured, you can expect the same high quality.


Why Choose TQ Mountain Grandpa’s Stash Pre roll ?
Grandpa's Stash THCA Infused Pre-roll offers a potent and convenient smoking experience, making it the perfect choice for both experienced users and newcomers looking to buy infused pre-rolls. Crafted with high-quality cannabis flower and infused with THCA, it delivers a smooth and flavorful high. Whether you're seeking a balanced and enjoyable experience or aiming to purchase top-notch infused pre-rolls, Grandpa's Stash ensures quality and satisfaction with every puff.


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Grandpa's Stash THCA Preroll

    • Grown with care and precision
    • 25.94% THCA Flower
    • Hybrid
    • 3.5g
  • Our hemp products are different from Marijuana because they contain legal amounts of THC. 
    This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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